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Co.plast s.r.l. founded in 1974, operates in the sector of injection moulding of plastic materials and supplies pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household market producing caps and closures for plastic bottles and containers for deodorants, wet wipes, bath foam, shampoo and lotions.

Co.plast s.r.l. manages advanced production facilities, a constant production planning allows to guarantee to the clients adequate logistic performance, our motto is "Just In Time".

Co.plast retains that the basics of its success are:Commitment and constant investments for the improvement of the Quality according to the Quality System ISO 9001 - 2015.


CO.PLAST S.r.l. is situated in a green area, Brianza, in Bevera di Barzago, province of Lecco.

Set on 6.000 m2, divided between production areas and warehouse.




CO.PLAST S.r.l. has two production lines studied in all their components, from the position of machineries, to the handling of finished product, all in line with weighing and packaging completely automatic.




CO.PLAST S.r.l. before producing Quality, studies and planning. The design of the products and moulds is the feather in the cap of the Quality System introduced in 1996. Co.plast works as defined and specified by the Regulation UNI EN ISO 9001-2015.

See the SQS certificate. - See the IQNET certificate

Welcome to the world of perfect "CLOSURE"

Wikipedia defines as CAP a device that closes the top opening of a bottle, a container. If we look for the verb CLOSE we have two definitions:

1 -put in adherence separate or opened parts of a thing in order to prevent the passage or the use

2 -obstruct an entrance

Co.plast is deeply entered into the meaning of these two words. It has carried out appropriate studies to improve its products. It has designed appropriate closing systems, more and more sophisticated, more and more attractive in terms of design. It has created innovative moulds , results of study and techniques of advanced design.